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سعر الذهب الحي
BHD 16.126 0.58%
18 K (750) سعر الذهب لكل جرام
BHD 18.813 0.58%
21 K (875) سعر الذهب لكل جرام
BHD 19.695 0.58%
22 K (916) سعر الذهب لكل جرام
BHD 21.499 0.58%
24 K (9999) سعر الذهب لكل جرام
BHD 21.393 0.58%
24 K (995) سعر الذهب لكل جرام
BHD 21.479 0.58%
24 K (999) سعر الذهب لكل جرام
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سبيكة 10 جرام عيار 24 فالكمبي

GCM رقم التسلسل : 10000019

برعاية Pinal Vasa

GCM رقم التسلسل : 10000019
دينار 235.640

سعر الذهب آخذ في الازدياد! قم بشراء هذا المنتج الآن لتحصل عليه بأفضل سعر

متاح للتسليم

الأسعار تخضع لتغييرات طفيفة حسب البث المباشر Gold معدل.

أسعار الذهب آخذة في الازدياد. تسوق الآن!


24 K (9999)


253.00 x 152.00 x 16.00mm (LxWxH)

سنة الصنع



- +
1-2 3-5 6-10
235.640 234.140 232.660
  • سويس
  • شعار
  • 10g
  • درجة الاستثمار

تفكيك السعر

معدن (10.000g x 21.499)
دينار 214.990
تكاليف المصنعية(Per piece) (18.00)
دينار 18.000
نسبة الربحية
دينار 2.650

وصف المنتج

The 10g Gold Bar from Valcambi

Compact, portable and easy to store, the 10g fine gold bar is one of Valcambi’s most successful products. Crafted from finest 24 carat gold (.9999) to the superior standards that Valcambi is revered for, the 10g size represents a useful amount for those who wish to use gold instead of cash when travelling. It also makes the perfect gift for special occasions such as wedding anniversaries, landmark birthdays or engagements.

This Gold 10g Valcambi Bar is popular with investors too. Younger buyers find it an affordable alternative to traditional bars or gold bullion coins which tend to be out of their price range. More established enthusiasts like the idea of adding a little boost to pension plans or portfolios in easily tradable amounts. Packaged in tamper-resistant plastic sachets, you can see each detail without marking or scratching the surface which can cause smearing and discolouration and reduce the value of the bar.

Why pick the 10g Gold Valcambi.Bar

The entire package can fit neatly into a wallet, while multiple packs can be easily stacked and stored. The 10g Valcambi Gold Bar is an economical way to add .9999 fine gold to your holdings. Affordable and stackable, these handy mint-sealed bars are on hand when required. Use them as an alternative to cash, give them as special occasion gifts or simply choose as an investment that will increase in value over the coming years.

Gold bar highlights:
  •     Each bar contains 10g of .9999 pure gold
  •     Made by respected Swiss metal refining, Valcambi
  •     Obverse features the Valcambi logo with the bar’s weight and purity and serial number
  •     Reverse bears the words Valcambi Suisse
  •     Supplied in PETG blister packaging with cardboard assay certificate

  • ذهب
  • منت
  • عديم اللون
  • مستطيل
  • 10.000g
  • 10000019
  • مستورد
  • سويسرا
  • 30 أيام
  • بليستر
  • لامع
  • 253mm x 152mm x 16mm (LxWxH)
  • آلة صنع صلبة
  • فالكامبي

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