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31.1 جرام 999 نيوزيلندا بالنعناع الضفدع ذو الأرجل الفضية من أناند للمجوهرات

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GCM رقم التسلسل : 0000124

برعاية Anand Vasa

GCM رقم التسلسل : 0000124
دينار 55.000
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الأسعار تخضع لتغييرات طفيفة حسب البث المباشر Silver معدل.

أسعار الذهب آخذة في الازدياد. تسوق الآن!


999 فضة خالصة


40.70 x 40.70 x 0.00mm (LxWxH)

سنة الصنع


قيمة سنة الإصدار


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  • Feng Shui
  • Money Toad
  • محدود
  • 5000
  • 1Oz
  • قابلة للتجميع

تفكيك السعر

دينار 55.000

وصف المنتج

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing with the surrounding environment. An invisible force that binds the universe, the earth, and all humanity together.

The Feng Shui Money Toad legend tells that a wife of one of the eight immortals stole the peaches of immortality and fled with it to the moon. Upon drinking this, she was turned into a Toad.

But the Gods were compassionate and allowed her to keep a third leg symbolizing the trinity of heaven, earth and humankind. The Toad, named Chan Chu, also had a love of wealth and was tempted into a well with gold coins.

Toads have come to be associated with money, as they can always be found near water sources which are symbolic of wealth. It is also said that a Toads appearance is similar to that of a fat coin purse, further enhancing these connotations of wealth and blessings.

Chan Chu represents protection and turning financial strife into good luck. The Money Toad is believed to help people end poor financial habits and struggles, and protect your wealth from financial disaster. If one appears near your business or home during a full moon, you will soon receive good news relating to your wealth and finances.

In Feng Shui, traditionally Money Toads are shown sitting on a bed of Gold coins or ingots. Many have seven small indentations on their backs, often containing jewels. These represent the big dipper, which plays an important role in Chinese astrology, and its connection with water and wealth. Chan Chu usually has red eyes, flared nostrils and often is depicted with a coin in its mouth.

  • فضة
  • منت
  • زاهي الألوان
  • دائري
  • 31.100g
  • 0000124
  • مستورد
  • نيوزيلاندا
  • علبة
  • ملون
  • 40.7mm x 40.7mm x 0mm (LxWxH)
  • آلة صنع صلبة
  • نيوي
  • مقصب
  • 2$