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62.694 غرام 999 ألعاب نارية كندية بالنعناع في شلالات نياجرا عملة فضية من أناند للمجوهرات

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GCM رقم التسلسل : 0000129

برعاية Anand Vasa

GCM رقم التسلسل : 0000129
دينار 95.000
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الأسعار تخضع لتغييرات طفيفة حسب البث المباشر Silver معدل.

أسعار الذهب آخذة في الازدياد. تسوق الآن!


999 فضة خالصة


50.00 x 50.00 x 0.00mm (LxWxH)

سنة الصنع


قيمة سنة الإصدار


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  • Natural Wonders
  • Fireworks at Niagara Falls
  • محدود
  • 5000
  • 2Oz
  • قابلة للتجميع

تفكيك السعر

دينار 95.000

وصف المنتج

You can almost hear the thunderous roar of rushing water in this reverse design by Tony Bianco. The elevated view provides a sweeping panorama of the Horseshoe Falls in its near entirety. There’s a sense of movement above the falls, where the powerful current of the upper Niagara River and the Cascade Rapids sends water racing over the crescent-shaped cataract. Bordered by Goat Island on the left and the Ontario shore on the right, the world-famous waterfall naturally commands attention as a tremendous volume of water tumbles over the crestline and into the river below, releasing cooling plumes of mist into the air. A full colour application only adds to the picture-perfect setting, where the water is nearly as blue as the sky above. But there is a hidden element to this design: a selective application of photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) and black light technologies allows for a second viewing of the scene, this time at night. A tradition since 1925, the nightly illumination of the falls adds an array of candy-like colours to the water while Canada’s longest running fireworks series lights up the night sky, embodying the pride that many Canadians have for one of our most famous natural wonders. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.


  • فضة
  • منت
  • زاهي الألوان
  • دائري
  • 62.694g
  • 0000129
  • مستورد
  • كندا
  • علبة
  • ملون
  • 50mm x 50mm x 0mm (LxWxH)
  • آلة صنع صلبة
  • سبائك كندية ملكية
  • مقصب
  • 30$