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All that glitters is GOLD!

10 November, 2022

10 November, 2022

Undoubtedly, gold is one of the most popular metals known to mankind. The gorgeous yellow gold or golden shade has grabbed the attention of people from early civilization and has continued to be their favourite.


Apart from its stunning hue, gold has been used to make jewellery because of its resistance to corrosion and its non-reactive nature.


We’ve gathered quite a list of things on gold to get you familiarized with this noble metal.


Table of Contents:


1. Gold purity


2. Gold rate trend


3. Understanding the gold rate


4. Hallmarked gold


5. Gold as an investment


6. Shades of gold


7. Facts



Gold Purity


While buying gold, the term karat often comes into the picture. It’s often confusing, so we thought of straightening things out for you. Gold purity is measured in Karats (K).

Gold, in its purest form, is available in 24K. Owing to its malleable nature, it is mixed with alloys to make it durable for jewellery. That’s when purity comes into the picture.

The purity of gold directly affects pricing, and you can read all about it in Understanding Gold Purity.


Gold Rate Trend

Image Source:


As you can clearly see, the gold rate has increased by leaps and bounds in the last three decades. Mathematically, we can say that the gold rate has increased 15X in the last thirty years.

So it’s safe to say that you can start investing in gold right from today to reap the benefits in a couple of years.


Understanding The Gold Rate


The gold rate mentioned is usually in 24K purity and in *ounce or 10gram.


Let’s say the gold rate for the day is 212.70BH. Then, the rate per unit would be as follows:


*1 ounce = 31.104 gram


So if you’re buying a gold ring of gold weight 2 grams, the price of the gold used would be 42.54 BHD (as per the table given above). However, the price mentioned is for 24K.


Let’s say your gold ring is in 22K, then the final price of gold used in your ring would be (22/24)*42.54 BHD.

Alternatively, if the gold used is in 18K, then the final price of gold used in your ring would be (18/24)*42.54 BHD

In the equations given above, the price of gold is subject to change.


Hallmarked Gold


While buying gold, the word hallmark keeps coming here, there, and everywhere.

But what is hallmarked gold?

In simple terms, hallmarked gold is certified gold that ensures trust & reliability in the jeweller as well as helps in verifying the price cited for gold. The hallmarked gold gives the best return when you want to exchange it for cash or jewellery in the future.

To know more, read All About Gold Hallmarking & Its Benefits.


Gold As An Investment


Owing to gold’s haven, it is considered a great choice of investment. Many investors have stocked up on gold during this pandemic as well.


But how can you as a consumer purchase gold? Look no further, you can do the same at


The best thing about gold as an investment is, you can start as small as your budget permits.


24K gold bullion: When you’re buying gold solely for the purpose of investment, you should go for 24K gold bullion. For gifting purposes, 24K is also a great option.

When you’re buying gold for investment, we urge you to buy digital gold. That way you can skip the woes of storing the physical gold and reap the benefits easily.


Other purity gold bullion: Let’s say the gold price has dropped, but you’re not sure what to buy or have no occasion coming up to shop for, what do you do? Buy gold in purities that you can directly exchange for jewellery like 22K, 21K, 18K, and more.


Shades of Gold


Did you know yellow gold is not the only shade this lustrous metal is available in?

Yes, yellow gold is undoubtedly the most popular shade of gold, but there are other shades as well. There are a handful of shades out there, but the two most notable ones are white gold and rose gold.

White gold goes exceptionally with diamonds, whereas rose gold becomes the first choice while buying gifts for your special someone. At a given gold purity, all gold shades are priced the same.

The alloy used to make gold strong helps in bringing the colour element to gold. For instance, varying the percentage of copper in the alloy helps in attaining the blushing rose gold hue.

You can read all about it in Shades of Gold blog.


10+ Unbelievable Facts About Gold:


●       Gold has been universally accepted as an exchange for goods and services.


●       China is the largest producer of gold in the world.


●       Gold is the only known yellow metal.


●       All of the earth’s gold is said to have arrived on earth through a meteorite over 200million years ago.


●       Gold melts at 1064 degrees Centigrade.


●       Gold is found on all seven continents.


●       All gold ever mined can be fit into a crate of 21 metres of cubes.


●       Almost 50% of gold mined is used in jewellery.


●       Once ounce of gold can be stretched into a wire of length of 50miles.


●       All oceans combined is said to contain 10 billion tons of gold.


●       Gold is used not only in jewellery but also for industrial purposes in the fields of electronics, computer, dentistry, medicine, and aerospace.


●       Intricate gold workmanship has been found in almost perfect condition that’s said to belong to the ancient Egyptian, Assyrian, Minoan and Etruscan artisans.


We know gold shopping can be quite overwhelming, especially for the maiden shopper. Thus we have curated an online gold jewellery shopping FAQ for you to get started.


That’s all about gold from us. If you have something to add, feel free to drop them in the comments below. You may also drop your queries in the comments below.


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