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Dos And Don’ts of Caring for Your Gold Jewellery

17 November, 2022

17 November, 2022

If asked to name a possession with the most personal, emotional significance and monetary value, almost everyone would say Gold Jewellery.

Usually, these glittering jewels are either a gift from a loved one or denote important occasions. Hence, it is of utmost importance that these precious creations be well looked after.

To maintain the beauty, lustre and shine of these adornments, it is necessary to give them some tender love and care.

So, we have listed down some essential dos and don’ts that will come in handy while caring for your jewellery.


Dos –


1.      Clean Regularly:


Most of us are likely to wear gold rings, earrings or bangles every day. As a result, they tend to be at risk of getting dull, losing their natural sheen due to exposure to chemicals, pollution and more.

Keeping this in mind, it is advised that you inspect your ornaments and clean them at least once every month.

For cleaning, you can soak the jewels in a mild soap and water solution, then rinse them thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.


2.      Remove It (at times):


Contrary to popular beliefs, your gold adornments are not indestructible, they do get damaged, bent and more. Be it rigorous physical activities like hiking, gardening or simple chores like house cleaning, or washing utensils, they can sometimes cause irreparable damage to your jewellery.

In the worst case, you might even lose your precious ornaments.

Thus, it is suggested that during such times, you take off your gold jewellery especially your hand adornments like rings, bangles, bracelets and keep them aside.

This simple measure will ensure the safety of your precious jewellery and save you a lot of heartaches.


3.      Visit Professionals:


As people, we often believe that our luxurious gold jewels do not need a lot of care. Hence, we do not give any thoughtful consideration to their care and maintenance.

This neglect on our part eventually takes its toll on our jewellery resulting in unnecessary (maybe irreparable) damage. Thus, it is highly recommended that you take these glittering creations to a jeweller for inspection once a year.

This way you will know the condition of your jewellery and also get them repaired, ensuring their longer shelf-life.


4.      Safe Storage:


Not many people know but storing your jewels in a safe manner is an important aspect in caring for them.

To do this, you can clean and dry them and then keep each creation in separate fabric-lined pouches/boxes. This will ensure that your ornaments do not develop scratches on their surface due to friction.

If your adornments are studded with gemstones, then you can add a layer of cotton too. This will save your jewels from getting harmed due to rubbing against the precious gems.

Ensuring safety of your gold jewellery is imperative even when you are keeping them aside while you do some house chores. To avoid losing them or causing unrequired harm, you can always store them away in a safe, dry yet accessible place.


Don’ts –


1.      Take it off in public places:


Keeping your treasured jewels aside when a simple task like washing your hands is a good practice.

But it increases the risk of them falling, getting misplaced or even stolen, especially when you remove them in public spaces like restaurants, washrooms and more. 

Therefore, in such cases, it is advised that you do not remove these gold jewellery articles at all. Or if you do, be cautious about the same, do not let them out of your sight and wear them back immediately.


2.      Chemical Exposure:


It is well-known that harsh chemicals like kitchen cleaners and chlorine can be a source of immense (and unnecessary) harm to your gold jewellery.

Coming in contact with these abrasive chemicals can result in your jewels getting corroded or stained, and this surely is a huge risk to take.

That is why it is suggested that you be attentive and keep your gold ornaments away from such detergents and chemicals.

Even your make-up and stylish products like creams, lotions, perfumes can have a damaging impact on your jewellery. So be cautious when you get ready and always wear your jewellery at last.


3.      Say not to multiple upgrades or resizing:


Being able to resize your favourite adornments or upgrading them may sound a really nice option, but it can prove to be a damaging choice over the years.

Opting to get frequent resizing and upgrades can permanently change the shape of the jewellery piece, if they are embellished with gemstones then the settings can loosen up too.

So, it is commonly advised to let your ornaments be as they are. And if you do choose to go ahead with any upgrades or changes, limit that to only one chance.


Armed with these quick and simple tips, we’re sure that you will easily be able to manage the care and maintenance of your gorgeous jewels.


Thus, letting them remain brand-new for a longer period and keep their beauty intact.

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