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How To Place Your First Order on GoldCityMall

14 November, 2022

14 November, 2022

Registered on GoldCityMall already? Awaiting to shop your favourite gold creations but unsure how to make the purchase? Well then, this article is for you. Just go through it to understand the detailed process of how to place your very first order with us. 


1.      Register with us


As you reach our website, the first thing you should do to make your journey easier is register with us. This helps us personalise your account and send you updates and newsletters of all the happenings at GoldCityMall. Although you can always shop with us as a guest user, we highly recommend that you become a registered user. This way, you fill in your credentials only one time, and we record it along with your order history, cart products and more. Hence, every time you log in, you have all your data stored.


2.      Select the item/s


Once your registration is complete, it opens the door to a virtual jewellery mall. Browse through our website and discover a stunning collection of glowing gold creations. We have rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and much more in attractive styles and designs. If you want choices between gold, silver, diamond or other gemstones, then we have a wide array of that too. And what’s more? We house the most famous names and brands across Bahrain all under one roof. So, explore our assortment and select one (or more) products from any jeweller or brand from the comfort of your home.


3.      Add to cart


After you have selected the item/s, you proceed to add them to your cart. For this, you click on the product that you wish to purchase. This will take you to that product page, where you can view different details and specifications about it. You can read through the details and, upon satisfaction, select the quantity you want to order, .i.e. whether you want to get 1 or 2 or more pieces of that specific item. Lastly, you click on the ‘add to cart’ button.


4.      View Cart


When you add items to the cart, they are visible on the top right corner, where a cart symbol is visible. Click on this symbol, view the products you have added, the order summary and the amount you need to pay. After verifying this, you can add the coupon code if you have any. Then select whether you want to opt for delivery (deliver to the address you provide) or pick up (collect the item from the store).


5.      Fill in the details


After confirming your order, you will have to select the ‘checkout securely’ option to further the process. Now you reach the delivery details page, where you must first add your mail id and phone number so you receive all the updates. Then you go ahead to fill in the other requested details and give the address where you want the products to be delivered. Lastly, you go on to order confirmation and check out.


6.      Checkout


If you have filled in all the details correctly, then you will be pushed to the checkout page. However, before this, you will be asked to upload an ID for security purposes. But be assured, your ID details will be totally safe and secured and will only be shared with relevant people to make the delivery of your purchase. Then you will have to go ahead with the payment.


7.      Select the mode of payment


When making the payment for your purchased items, you will be shown different payment options. You can pay with your debit card, Fawateer/Fawri+, or you can request a merchant to provide you with a payment link by email or SMS.

After you select the mode of payment and fill in the relevant details, you are good to go ahead with the payment. At times, it would also show you exclusive deals that are available only to you at GoldCityMall, and for this, it may ask you to re-login. Once you have completed this step, go ahead with the payment and complete it. Just remember, when you make the payment, the money is directly transferred to the merchant’s account.

Well, your order is finally placed, and all you have to do is wait for the delivery to happen (excited much?). Also, GoldCityMall will constantly send you updates on your registered number to keep you in the loop regarding your order fulfillment. 

Now that the process is quite clear to you, how about hopping on to our website ( and starting to fill your carts with all the adornments that you love??

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