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Top 4 Reasons Why We Love Gold!

10 November, 2022

10 November, 2022

Gold is undoubtedly the most popular metal ever. Its popularity is ever-increasing as more and more people are embracing it.


Besides being used as a metal for ornaments, gold has amazing industrial uses as well.

For instance, did you know that half of the gold mined is for industrial purposes?


We all know without any doubt that gold is very famous. This blog post will help you understand why.


The top 4 reasons that make gold the most popular metal:


Table of Contents:


1. Noble & Unreactive


2. Ever Growing Value


3. Investment


4. The Golden Glow




1. Noble & Unreactive


Gold is noble and unreactive metal. It does not react even with oxygen. Since gold doesn't react with anything, it is a great choice for jewellery as the shine is maintained.


Plus, many people can wear only gold jewellery owing to their non-reactive nature as it doesn't damage the skin.


2. Ever Growing Value


Gold has an ever-growing value. Before we discuss any further, just take a moment to google the gold rate at the year you were born. Unbelievable, right?


That's the power of gold and the sole reason why everyone rushes to buy gold.


With time, the gold rate will keep increasing slowly and steadily. Thus, any time is a good time to invest in gold.


It is often seen that the bride and groom are adorned with gold jewellery at their wedding.


This is a small investment that is done to ensure the newlyweds have something that will act as a security anchor.


3. Investment


Gold as an investment is very common. One reason is, it's very easy to invest in gold.


Buying gold does not require any unnecessary paperwork or intensive research like the stock market.


But how can I benefit from investing in gold coins in the long run?


Let's say you wish to save some gold for your wedding. But you don't want to buy the jewellery right away, what do you do?


We suggest you buy 1gm gold every month. Let's say your wedding is 5 years down the line. 


By the time you're about to get married, simply exchange this accumulated gold for your jewellery.


A new form of gold is Digital Gold. Thanks to digital gold, you are not forced to buy the given denominations like 1gm, 5gm, 10gm, etc.


With digital gold, you can start your investment as low as 1 BHD. One of the biggest advantages of digital gold is the freedom from storing gold and ensuring its safety.


Shop gold coins at today.


4. The Golden Glow


Gold has been used in jewellery for centuries. Proof of gold being used in jewellery goes back as much as 1600BC by the Greeks.


Besides gold being used for its unreactive nature, the ever-growing value of gold has attracted many people. 


It's considered a symbol of wealth, thus rich people are often seen sporting gold.


Gold jewellery not only takes the fashion side but also the investment side.


That's why gold jewellery is shopped, not only for complementing your look but also as a little investment that can save the day on a rainy day. 


We also found some interesting facts about gold which we want to share with you. They are:


-        Gold is malleable, i.e., it can be beaten into sheets. 1gm can be beaten into a sheet of 1square meter.


-        Pyrite is known as 'fool's gold because it looks like gold.


-        Gold standard is a monetary system wherein a unit of money is fixed with a certain weight of gold.


-        China is the biggest producer of gold, surpassing South Africa recently, which adorned the first spot for almost a century.


-        Gold is injected to provide relief by reducing pain and swelling in people suffering from tuberculosis and rheumatoid arthritis.


-        Owing to its coveted nature, it is used in medals, statues, and trophies. But did you know only 6% gold is used for making these items?


We're gold lovers, and houses everything to gold. Head over to our website and check out the different jewellery categories listed.

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