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Understanding Gold Purity

18 November, 2022

18 November, 2022

When shopping for gold, gold purity is one of the important factors.  But do you know everything you need to know about purity before shopping for gold jewellery? 

You don’t? There’s nothing to worry about; you’ve stumbled upon just the right blog.


9 Karat


0.375 purity is the lowest purity gold. It goes without saying that it is super affordable and great if you just wish to go for the gold look at pocket-friendly pricing. The cost of gold for 9K as compared to 24K is only 38% of the purified gold value. Since this is the lowest purity, not everyone prefers to go with this purity. In this list of purities, 9K is the least expensive purity.

14 Karat


0.585 purity is a lifesaver. With 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloy, you can be assured that this gold is quite strong to hold your stones in place as well as bring down the pricing as well. Let’s say you saw a stunning stackable engagement ring and wish to get the same for your wife. How do you do it? Get it in 14K instead of a higher Karat and bring the ring right into your budget.

18 Karat


The people’s favourite gold purity – 0.750 or 18K gold. The gold price for this variant is quite affordable and lets you choose from a wide range of gemstones and diamonds to stud it with. Even though yellow gold is the most favourite, Rose Gold and White Gold are garnering many eyeballs for the right reason. White gold complements diamonds, while the blushing rose gold is great for couples.

21 Karat


Also known as the 0.817 purity, 21K gold is a crowd favourite as it gives way to numerous gold shades with 21 parts pure gold and 3 parts alloy. You can get a stunning proposal ring designed in Rose/Pink gold for your fiancee or a scintillating tennis bracelet that you’ve been eyeing for a while. If the overall price of the jewellery in 21K is a bit steep for you, feel free to step down to 18K for an affordable price point.

22 Karat


Also known as 0.916 purity, this gold contains 22 parts of pure gold and 2 parts alloy. 22K gold is cheaper than 23K gold. In this purity, gold jewellery serves as the best buy. From daily wear gold jewellery to occasional heavy wear jewellery, 22K is everyone’s favourite. It is strictly advised not to buy diamond or gemstone jewellery in 22K purity as it is not strong enough to hold the stone in place. You might end up losing your precious stone on light impact.

24 Karat


24K gold is 100% pure gold. It is not made into jewellery owing to its malleable nature. In this purity, usually, gold coins and bars are found with 0.999 purity. Apart from that, some items like idols and figurines are coated in 24K purity. In this list of purities, 24K is the most expensive purity.

How does gold purity affect pricing?


Here’s a simple formula to determine the gold price in a particular purity -

[Gold purity]/24 * Price of 1gm gold

Let’s say the price of gold today is 21BHD

1gm of 18K gold will be = 18/24 * 21 = 15BHD

Understanding gold purity is very crucial while buying jewellery. We hope this blog post has helped you to clear all your doubts regarding the same.

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