Customer Testimonials

Our customers tell the story better than we can!

When you actually unpack your jewelry - if you're like most of our customers - you'll be thrilled with the terrific value you've received.

Here are just a few of the unsolicited, unedited e-mail messages we've received from our customers. We've included many correspondences - all have had unique experiences with Gold City Mall  to relay to you our effort to provide the best and most direct service to our customers. We are not always perfect but we are always improving. 

We are always happy to recieve your feedback, if you would like to contribute to our testimonials page, please email us.

"I got it, and very satisfied beyond my expectations! It's very nice, and very well presented. Everything about the site to quality of merchandise to your integrity in exceeding expectations is very rare these days. If you would like me to go to any "customer ratings" site, send me the link, I'll be glad to give you "excellent" in all areas. You may even use me as a reference as a satisfied customer. :)

I will definitely refer you to others. I already gave your web site link to friends in Las Vegas, who were very impressed with your site. Reputable jewelry establishments that deliver quality are difficult to come by on the net. I hope we can keep in touch, and perhaps one day meet if I'm in your area. Thank you so much for the pleasant experience and quality chain.

"Sarah - Dubai, UAE