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50 Gram 24K Valcambi Suisse Gold bar by Arihant Jewellers

GCM Serial no. : 10000022

Curated by Pinal Vasa

GCM Sr.No : 10000022
BHD 1,122.400

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24 K (9999)


470.00 x 270.00 x 24.00mm (LxWxH)

Year of Issue



- +
1-2 3-5 6-10
1,122.400 1,118.400 1,113.470
  • Suisse
  • Logo
  • 50g
  • Investment Grade

Price Breakup

Metal (50.000g x 21.464)
BHD 1,073.200
Making Charges(Per piece) (36.50)
BHD 36.500
Premium Buy
BHD 12.700

Product Description

50g Gold Bar | Valcambi

Each bar is composed of 50 grams of the finest (.9999 pure) 24-carat gold. It bears the Valcambi logo on its obverse along with its weight and purity on its reverse. It has recognizable reflective properties which are also tarnish resistant. All bars come in assay packaging with a tamper-evident seal and a unique serial number.

Why invest in this product?

Valcambi, first established in Switzerland in 1961, is recognized internationally for its high-quality gold bars. Its refined technology and reputable name stem from over 50 years as a leader in the market. By investing in this gold bar you are guaranteed the utmost quality from an eminent company.
Further to the above, gold is an important component of a diversified investment portfolio. Over time it often maintains its value over the long term and can increase in response to events that cause the value of paper investments, such as stocks and bonds, to decline. Due to these attractive properties, there is a constant market demand for gold. This guarantees your investment is not only stable but also highly liquid.

  •     50 grams of 24 carat gold of exceptional purity - .9999
  •     Supplied with unique serial number and authentication.
  •     A product from one of Europe's leading refiners with over 50 years experience.
  •     Obverse: features a single stamped Valcambi logo.
  •     Reverse: depicts the unique serial number, and product details.
  • Gold
  • Mint
  • Colorless
  • Rectangle
  • 50.000g
  • 10000022
  • Imported
  • Switzerland
  • Blister
  • Glossy
  • 470mm x 270mm x 24mm (LxWxH)
  • Machine Made Solid
  • Valcambi

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