Live Gold Rate
BHD 18.13
18 K (750) Gold Rate Per Gram
BHD 21.151
21 K (875) Gold Rate Per Gram
BHD 22.142
22 K (916) Gold Rate Per Gram
BHD 24.17
24 K (9999) Gold Rate Per Gram
BHD 24.052
24 K (995) Gold Rate Per Gram
BHD 24.149
24 K (999) Gold Rate Per Gram
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About Us

Our story

Our story

GoldCityMall® is the stepping stone towards digital networking for all jewellery stakeholders. This virtual mall concept is unlike any before, providing exclusive opportunities for buyers and sellers to connect, transact and invest in gold jewellery and bullion products.

GoldCityMall® is the foremost destination for customers to buy jewellery, coins and bars from trusted local jewellers from the comfort of their home. We pride ourselves in creating the most memorable shopping experiences for our customers by providing an unmatchable catalogue of jewellery and bullion products from the streets of Bahrain, just a click away.

We are ecosystem actualised for the mutual benefit of all our participants Gold jewellers, manufacturers, distributors and retail customers.

In order to empower the gold industry by facilitating jewellery business transactions for all stakeholders, we have adopted a dynamic pricing mechanism throuh which gold value is calculated on the live international gold rate.

Our Vision

To become the leading omnichannel mall for all jewellery stakeholders to buy and sell gold jewellery, coins, and bars and digitally transform the precious metals and jewellery industry by providing a futuristic business model.

Our Mission

To create a healthy trust-based ecosystem, where the jewellery retailers, wholesalers, customers, and suppliers can assume multiple roles and mutually benefit from going digital in addition to their physical presence.

Selling at GoldCityMall®

Selling at GoldCityMall®

At GoldCityMall®, merchants can engage in a world class jewellery-retail experience which complements their jewellery business, empowers it to prosper and helps them efficiently cater to their customers in the modern era.

Merchants on this e-commerce platform include wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers.

For merchants, GoldCityMall® :

Connect with millions
customers and
business owners

Instant payout
to your bank
account at time
of sale

Powerful platforms
with all business
needs fullfilleds

Advance analytics
and reporting

Shopping at GoldCityMall®

Shopping at GoldCityMall®

For customers, GoldCityMall® is a marketplace to find and buy the most stunning options of jewellery, coins, and bars. It is a promise to customers of beautiful shopping experiences that will become lifetime memories. Customers also have access to the finest invest ment-grade bullion products in Bahrain.

From GoldCityMall®, customers get :

Buy, Sell or get
custom made

Real-time pricing
for Gold updated
every minute

Return Exchange,
buy-back and

Interact one-on-one
with jewellers