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11 Tips for Choosing the Best Engagement Rings

10 November, 2022

10 November, 2022

Winter is here! And so is the best time of the year to declare your love and propose to your special one. However, thinking of popping the forever question is one thing but planning it and actually proposing are difficult tasks. While arranging the venue, deciding on the décor can be exciting; looking for the perfect engagement ring is surely a daunting task.

You need to consider your partner's personality, likes-dislikes, preferred designs, and even your budget before you make the decision. Hence, to relieve your burden a little, we have listed down 11 tips that will come in handy when you finally embark on the engagement ring shopping trip. Keep scrolling to find out.


1. What's the budget like


We have often heard that the supposed ideal amount to spend on an engagement ring is equivalent to your 2-3 months' salary. Also, the higher the price tag, the better the engagement ring. But this is a myth. In fact, getting engaged and married is definitely a costly affair. So, you shouldn't take on the stress to follow any such rules. The best thing to do is – to decide on a budget considering your financials and your fiancé's ring choice. And keep in mind that a good engagement ring needn't be expensive, but something that you and your partner will love.


2. Does SHE have a favorite style?


When shopping for an engagement ring, it is easy to get confused and start looking for something that you like. However, it is important to remember that your fiancé will be wearing this ring for a lifetime. So, you must look for a ring that matches their preferences. Either you can talk to them directly or go as per their taste in fashion (to save the surprise element!). If your partner prefers classy and elegant, then diamonds are just the way to go. But if she favors vibrancy, then you can pick a colored gemstone for her.

Still confused, then you can peek through their jewellery box for inspiration. You can also turn to family, and friends for help and suggestions.


3. Get your basics right


Before you dive headfirst into choosing the ring, it is imperative that you know your basics. This includes gemstone shape, style and setting, metal types, and other pros and cons. Read up on some generic information regarding the care and maintenance tips of different gemstones. If you want to opt for an all-metal design, find out the preliminary information about the various metals available. Moreover, if you have any specific pattern/style in your mind, like bypass or halo, you can always look up the precautions about it.


4. Know your gemstone qualities


Did you think since you have decided to opt for a gemstone embellished ring for your partner, the ring selection process has ended? Of course not! In fact, now you need to finalize the gemstone that you want on the ring and understand its various quality factors.

·        Cut: This term refers to the gem's facets and overall symmetry. Certain gem roughs determine the cutting style which can be employed on them. Some common gem cuts are brilliant cut, step cut, and emerald cut.

·        Shape: A gem's outline is known as its shape. Round, oval, heart, square, and cushion are some popular shapes of gemstones. Although when you decide on the gem shape, be mindful of the cautions needed and your partner's activity level to avoid breaking or chipping the stone.

·        Colour: As the name suggests, this term refers to the shade of a particular gem. It encompasses three basic things – hue (color), tone (lightness or darkness), and saturation (intensity of the hue). The combination of these factors that you opt for will determine the desirability and price of the gem.

·        Clarity: Clarity indicates the size, number, type, and location of flaws (inclusions – industry term) present inside any gemstone. The more the inclusions visible, the lesser the price of that gemstone.

·        Carat: When we speak of carat weight, we essentially refer to the heaviness of a gem. But not all gemstones of higher carat weight look bigger. So, be careful when you are selecting a gemstone.

·        Origin: Whether your gem is natural, lab-grown, or synthetic defines its origin. If you prefer to have something that is ecological and sustainable, then go for a lab-created gem. It is as good as a natural one but has a lesser price tag!


5. Pick the metal (please!)


Most people are so focused on choosing the gemstone and design of the ring that they forget to look at the metal. This, however, isn't the right practice. The metal of your ring is the cement that holds it together and is indicative of its strength and durability. Hence, it is highly recommended that you carefully look at the options. The common metal choices for engagement rings are platinum, white-rose-yellow gold, and silver. However, some other metals that are now found are tungsten, copper and even palladium. Understand the drawbacks of each metal and then zero down on the metal of the ring.


6. Size definitely (doesn't) matter


The term 'size' over here refers to the size of the gemstone as well as the ring. A most common misconception is that the bigger the ring (and gem), the better. Although several people may want you to believe this to be true, it is not. Size is not an indicator of the ring's quality or the depth of your love. Having said that, it is also important to know that there is no ideal size for the ring or gem per se. Additionally, it would be helpful to know that the size of your ring may even interfere with your daily activities. Hence, choose accordingly.


7. Being different is cool


Planning to go for the tried and tested diamond solitaire because that is the most picked engagement ring? Then, please reconsider. In today's market, there are several engagement rings options available. Whether it be design, style, pattern, gemstone, side stones or more, there are so many alternatives that you will be spoilt for choice. So, search and look at other choices you have before you make the call. Because your ring doesn't have to be one of many, it has to be the one for your special one. It needs to reflect your relationship, your partner's personality, style and be comfortable for them to wear on a daily basis. The rule here is simple – You Do You, so choose accordingly!


8. Say NO to trends


When you decide on an engagement ring, please remember that you do not simply get into the flow with any current trend. Just because halo rings or bypass rings are trending doesn't mean you need to have them only. Your engagement ring is not something you will wear for a particular time period. In fact, it will be worn for a lifetime, and it's an investment (both emotional and financial) as well. Keeping this in mind, go ahead and pick a ring that both you and your partner will love. Please be mindful that what is topping the fashion charts today may be a thing of the past in the future. That is why it is advisable to go for something that is elegant, unique, meaningful, yet comfortable for your partner.


9.  Insurance, warranty, and all that jazz


Now, we'd guess it is quite clear that an engagement ring holds economic value as well. Thus, like all your other assets, you did like to protect this as well. So, it is smart that you know and understand about the warranty on your ring and gemstone in case of any damage. Talk to the jeweller about their inspection policy and the possibility of getting insurance as well. Simply to ensure that if you accidentally damage your ring or, worst-case scenario – lose it, at least you will get the get some amount back. Well, we know money in no way compensates for the loss of your ring, but you don't suffer both emotional and financial setbacks.


10.  Customisation is (also) the way to go


Can't find the perfect engagement ring for your partner, then how about designing one instead? Recently many couples have started to go for customised engagement rings as they want to create something that complements each other's rings and depicts their unique love story and personality. Many jewellers these days provide you with a choice to customise any given ring design or even create one totally from scratch. Although this may become a little pricey, it is certainly a more touching gesture. Hence, as per your choice, you can always talk to your jeweller to look into getting a customised ring for your fiancé or both of you.


11.  Upgrades can always follow


There can be many reasons like money, time, lesser choices available which may have led you to select a particular ring. But you needn't feel that you are stuck with it. There is always a choice to upgrade your ring later. If you want to increase the size of your ring or gem, re-design it, add an element or engrave, you can surely get it done. Upgrading any aspect depends on your jeweller and some factors related to your ring as well. Thus, if you wish to upgrade your ring, you can always discuss it with your jeweller and take it from there. At the same time, it is suggested that you opt only for one upgrading or resizing procedure on your engagement ring. This is because multiple such processes may weaken your ring, its settings and result in (probably) irreversible damage.


Well-well, armed with these pointers, we are sure you will find the perfect ring for your partner with minimal stress. However, remember that buying a ring and proposing with it isn't the end of the story. Along with a new beginning of your life, it is also the beginning of taking care of and maintaining the precious ring. So be mindful of giving regular TLC to your ring to ensure that it retains its luster and has a longer shelf-life!!

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