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4 Tips To Help You Buy Gold Jewellery On A Budget Like A Pro

30 November, 2022

30 November, 2022

As much as we love gold, the constant hike in gold pricing has forced us to look other ways. Even so, the popularity of this metal has not been diminished.


While most of us hoard gold because it is a haven and let’s not forget how stunning this yellow metal looks on us!


However, many of us buy gold to adorn ourselves in it both for our everyday as well as occasional affairs.


That’s why here are four tips that will help buy that gold jewellery you’ve been eyeing all this while.


Buying Gold Jewellery On A Budget:


Same Price, Less Weight

This is the most common hack that we have seen shoppers use to buy gold jewellery despite the rampant hike in gold price.


Let’s say the jewellery you wish to buy has 10gram gold that costs roughly 215BHD (keeping aside the making charges and taxes applied). 


You can go for a similar design with slightly less gold weight so that you ultimately pay the same price you would have paid earlier.


However, if you still wish to stick with the exact same design, you can ask your jeweller to make some minor changes in the design such that less gold is needed and you don’t have to pay even a penny more.


Lower Purities


Those who buy jewellery don’t wish to indulge in lower purity pieces. But why so? It’s a great way of reducing the gold price enough to save you from the sudden gold rate hike. Moreover, we wouldn’t want you to go for 9K or 14K.


If you’re planning to buy an item in 22K, go for the same one in 20K or 18K. In terms of price difference, the gold rate will drop by approximately 10-15% for a lower purity.


Thus, not only can you get your dream jewellery, you can also switch to a better design with the extra money that you save.


Hollow Designs


The maths is pretty simple. If you go for a bangle that is made up of gold versus a bangle that’s hollow from inside, there will be a stark difference in the pricing of the jewellery.


Thus, you can reduce the jewellery price significantly by half with hollow designs. Likewise, if you wish to buy a cocktail ring, you may go for a hollow design.


Hollow designs are also a great way to shed some weight from your jewellery and rock those light pieces like a pro.


Studded Jewellery


Yeah, you read it right. Studded jewellery is a great idea to help reduce the price of your jewellery.

Moreover, gemstones and diamonds add a dash of colour to your otherwise monotonous jewellery. 

You can choose from a range of gemstones like ruby, emerald, sapphire, diamond, zirconia, etc. Zirconia is one of the most affordables stones and is available in a range of shades.


Even though the price of this yellow metal keeps increasing, we urge you to buy it instead of any gold lookalike. It’s not just a status symbol but also a commodity that can be liquidated easily.


Plus, it goes without saying that the non-reactive nature of the metal makes it a great option for daily wear without causing any harm to your skin.

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