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All About Your Favourite Jewellery – Earrings

10 November, 2022

10 November, 2022

Did you know earrings are one such creation that has a name that specifically depicts their purpose?


Yes, when the word is divided it denotes rings that are worn in ears. Today, we see people adorning multiple earrings of different sizes, styles and designs.


But were these cute ear ornaments always like we see them today, or are there any hidden secrets in their chest, so as to speak? Don’t know, right? Let’s find out together…


First things first, are earrings a recent discovery?


The short and crisp answer to this – is no. The longer ones, earrings in reality, have been around for more than 7000 years.


 They are believed to have originated somewhere in ancient Asia, and the rest, as they say, is history (figuratively!). However, there are no specifics as to when it was first discovered or who started wearing them.

Since people started using earrings, these adornments have been in and out of fashion. Initially, they were designed in various metals, and as time passed, they were encrusted with gems, and had engravings and a variety of appealing designs as well.


In the beginning, earrings were worn only attached to the earlobes. However, currently, they are even worn on ear cuffs, and other parts of the ears too.


What about history?


Surprisingly enough, there is no recorded history of when the first earrings were made or worn.


All we know about earrings and piercings is that these are age-old practices (almost biblical). Early Egyptians wore earrings to signify their high societal status.


Greeks considered earrings as a fashionable item and wore them to give a statement of style. In Ancient Rome, slaves wore earrings symbolising their status, while those who wore pearls or other expensive gems studded earrings were identified as wealthy.


During Middle Ages in Europe, some courtiers would wear earrings to display their wealth.


Evidence suggests that piercings and earrings made their debut in middle eastern culture around 3000 BC.


The basic intention for this was to provide easy identification of an individual’s background. Additionally, earrings were also indicative of a person’s social status within society.

Those in power wore it as a matter of pride, whereas those enslaved wore it to symbolise their inferior standing.


But wait, earrings are only for women, aren’t they?


Contrary to popular beliefs, earrings weren’t always a woman’s accessory. Several archaeological studies suggest that men wore earrings as much as or possibly even more in the ancient era than women.


The probable reason for this could be that men were the earners and thus wore earrings as a display of their wealth. However, to put it in simple words, men and earrings have had a dynamic relationship throughout history.


Lastly, what about earring types?


Well, since people started wearing earrings, these decorative adornments have been somewhat omnipresent. But what falls in favour of these jewellery creations is that they have been continuously evolving.


From simple metal pieces to gemstone-encrusted designs, earrings have been seen in a variety of styles.


1.      Studs – Simple yet stylish, studs are a must-have for everyone’s jewellery box because of their fuss-free design, elegant look and graceful appeal. They are small in size but make an impact that definitely amps up all of your looks.


2.      Drops – As the name suggests, drop earrings show one or more motifs or gemstones suspended from the stem of the earrings. This creates a beautiful drop look and adds to the alluring appeal of these creations.


3.      Hoops – Either circular or semi-circular in style, hoops have made a mark for themselves since the bygone era up till now. They come in different sizes and are either thick, large, thin or small. One hoop style that closely hugs the earlobe – the huggie hoop is widely popular. They are designed in plain metal or embellished with gemstones and exude a modern and sophisticated aura.


4.      Halo – This design features a large central gemstone that is surrounded by smaller stones creating a halo-like look. These gemstones can be either be of the same gem or contrasting gem to give a stunning effect. Considered a classic and radiating a royal and opulent appeal, halo earrings can easily jazz up all of your looks.


5.      Dangle – More often than not; dangle earrings have been confused with the drop style. But there is a fundamental difference. The earrings hang from the earlobe and tend to swing to and from with your movements in this design.

They are generally longer and may even go beyond the shoulders. As a result of this length, dangle earrings give your neck and face a thinner and longer look.


All this certainly proves that earrings have so much more than what meets the eyes. Hence, it isn’t surprising that earrings are thought to be the game-changer accessory.


So, the next time you replenish your jewellery closet, be sure to add one, two or more (definitely, yes!) to your ever-increasing collection.

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