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Gold in Today’s Scenario

10 November, 2022

10 November, 2022

Gold or Dahab is arguably one of the most coveted metals of all times. Its journey from having an unknown discovery to being widely used and highly popular metal is certainly amazing. All through the ages, this precious yellow metal has been appreciated for its luster and beauty. It holds a position of pride in human history, and its usefulness, due to its special properties, has made it a memorable metal.  

In the initial times, gold had multiple uses, which hints at it being considered very precious during those times. Let’s find them out…


Decorative Articles


This pretty metal was used to make several decorative articles like figurines, face masks and even tombs. Many of these articles have been evacuated at different sites worldwide, indicating that different ancient civilisations used this metal. Be it early Egyptians, Greeks, Romans or Chinese, all used gold to make decorative articles that were then used for various purposes like decorating homes, giving gifts, as mementoes etc.




One use of this glowing metal that remains unchanged till date is in – jewellery designing. Through the ages, gold has been moulded and fashioned into various accessories like rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces , crowns, anklets, etc. Each civilisation and era had its own distinctive patterns, styles, and designs to make gold ornaments.




Till now, the gold coins that are found were circulated in Lydia around the 6th century BC. Other than that, many instances highlight that several ancient civilisations across the globe used gold as a form of currency. Even archaeologists have unearthed such gold coins from various cities that could be interpreted as currency.




Surprised to see that gold is used in electronics? Well, its basic properties make it an ideal contender for this task. Gold doesn’t corrode, has a high heat resistance and is a great electricity conductor. Also, gold is highly soft and malleable, so it can easily be beaten, stretched, or plated. All these qualities make gold the best choice to be used in the electronics industry, particularly in manufacturing cables and connectors.




The use of gold in the dentistry and medicinal industry isn’t a new thing. Due to its non-reactive and non-toxic properties, this metal has been used in these industries for many years now. And with each passing year, a new application of gold is being discovered. For example, small amounts of gold are injected as a treatment for muscle damage, whereas, for cancer, micro-particles are used.


Space Technology


Given the fact that gold has electronic use, it is definitely a good choice to be used within the space industry. Other than making electronic components, thin gold coatings are used in shields and visors. As the dependability of this metal makes it essential for high-risk space exploration missions. Plus, gold particles help in keeping temperatures low and reflect the sun’s infrared radiations too. Lastly, gold can even be used as a lubricant in extreme temperature ranges and high radiations within space where organic lubricants prove to be unsuitable.


Investment Instrument


Used as a currency since ancient times, even today, gold is considered an essential financial asset. Also, gold is physically stored as wealth because this precious metal maintains its value. Not only as bars and coins but gold is also stored as jewellery as it has multiple purposes. It can be considered an investment and even a family heirloom. In times of need, gold can also be sold due to its high demand and (most of the time) increasing value.  

So much so that several private institutions, financial companies, banks, and even governments purchase and maintain gold reserves!


Gleaming and glorious, gold is simply one-of-a-kind! Hence, it comes as no surprise that this precious metal is relevant and highly sought-after even today. However, one thing is for sure – just like in ancient times, gold still enjoys the same status and importance. And the trends clearly predict that the future also holds the best for gold.

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