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What is gold hallmarking and why it's important for you?

21 November, 2022

21 November, 2022

Before you jump into purchasing a piece of gold jewellery for yourself, we have one question for you - What is the most important aspect of buying gold jewellery?

  • Design?
  • Pricing?
  • Occasion?

Nope, none of these.

The most important aspect of gold jewellery shopping is Gold Hallmarking.


What is Gold Hallmarking?


In layman’s words, gold hallmarking is a simple process of checking gold to ensure if it’s rightfully manufactured in terms of gold purity.

Hallmarking gold is slowly and steadily being made mandatory not only in Bahrain but also in different parts of the world.

Gold hallmarking has two-folds benefits for both sellers as well as manufacturers. Before we hop onto that, how do you know your jewellery is hallmarked or not?


How to check for hallmark?


In order to check for hallmark, there are primarily three signs –


Gold Purity:


Gold purity is very important as its instrumental in determining the price of the jewellery. It is denoted as a three-digit number on your jewellery. For instance, 22K is written as 916, 18K is written as 750, etc.

Confused about the numbers? Read our blog on Understanding Gold Purity.


Assay Centre:


These centres are responsible for doing the hallmarking. Having the assay centre name inscribed on the jewellery will help you know which centre is hallmarked it as a country can easily have hundreds or thousands of centres based on their size.


Manufacturer Mark:


It is important to know who the manufacturer of particular jewellery is; if there is any damage that needs to be repaired, you know where to go.

These three marks usually comprise the hallmarking, but it varies from one country to the other.

Some are also asked to inscribe the year of manufacturing, while others carry the sign of the Government body in charge of hallmarking as well as a unique id.

Hallmarking is usually done on the jewellery, hence if you look closely at your jewellery, you will find it.

Sometimes jewellers give a separate certificate for the sake of authenticity, but your preference should be towards the government-approved hallmark.


How will gold hallmark affect a Seller


If you’re a seller, nothing earns trust as selling the right jewellery to your customers. While selling precious jewellery, one of the most important factors is hallmarking.

Getting your jewellery hallmarked righteously ensures trust and reliability in your brand which lays the foundation of a long withstanding relationship with your customers.

The cost of hallmarking is very less as compared to what you get in return. Don’t think twice before getting your manufactured jewellery hallmarked.

If you are waiting for others to do it, why not be the torchbearer and pave the way for other jewellers?




As a customer, you have a duty to buy only hallmarked jewellery. Irrespective of how lucrative deals are presented to you, go for the hallmarked jewellery only.

Buying hallmarked jewellery ensures that you pay the right price and get the correct price estimate when you wish to sell your gold in the future.

Moreover, buying jewellery involves a lot of trust, and the only way to ensure that whether a jeweller can be trusted or not is via hallmarking.

Feel free to strike out any jeweller who doesn’t sell hallmarked jewellery. While we’re talking about hallmarking,

We can’t stress enough the importance of gold hallmarking. Always buy hallmarked precious jewellery so that they can rightfully support you in your time of need.

Always go for jewellers who hallmark their gold as well as provide an invoice with the purchase to you.

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