Live Gold Rate
BHD 17.95
18 K (750) Gold Rate Per Gram
BHD 20.942
21 K (875) Gold Rate Per Gram
BHD 21.923
22 K (916) Gold Rate Per Gram
BHD 23.931
24 K (9999) Gold Rate Per Gram
BHD 23.814
24 K (995) Gold Rate Per Gram
BHD 23.91
24 K (999) Gold Rate Per Gram
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23 February, 2023

23 February, 2023

For most of us, buying gold at the market rate is just a dream. However, wouldn’t it be great if we were able to do so without spending any extra penny? What a feel-good factor it would be to know that you have not been outsmarted by the seller! 


At present, the scenario is like this - the gold rate has dropped (& you were aware of this recent price drop) so to make hay in this sunshine you go to shop jewellery at the revised fresh rate. Typically, the gold jewellery is priced as per the day the raw gold was purchased to make the jewellery. So even though you are buying when the gold rate has dropped, you will still end up paying more than you should ideally (and ethically) pay.  


Now, if only there was a way to shop at the actual rate and not the bloated price. We, at GoldCityMall® understand this and have made this distant dream come true! 


As this issue was faced by customers since ages, we came up with a solution for the same. Although, we may not be able to control the gold price, we can time the purchase at real-time gold prices on It not only benefits our customers but also gives a fair chance to all types of businesses who list themselves on GoldCityMall® with us.   


For ease of this, we have displayed the live gold rate in Bahrain in the header of our website - GoldCityMall®. You can see the live gold rate displayed there for different purities namely 18K, 21K, 22K and 24K. The live gold rate in Bahrain is displayed per gram and changes dynamically as per the international prices. The dynamic ticker also gives the changes in prices from yesterday on comparative basis as an extra piece of financial information to the customer.   


Still unsure what live gold rate is? Let us simplify it for you. Live gold rate is the price of gold as per the international market. Up until now, only bullion traders and merchants could buy at this market rate. 


In traditional scheme of things, when the gold reached customers via a middleman, the price automatically went up which ultimately has to be covered by - the customer. When you’re buying gold jewellery weighing a few grams, the price difference is negligible. But, when you are interested in buying bullion at the market rate, there is a stark difference in the pricing.  


However, whether you are buying a piece of gold jewellery or in bulk, you shouldn’t have to won’t be paying for the middleman. With GoldCityMall®, you as a retail customer can also buy at this price. This enhances complete transparency in the dealings and adds elements of trust and faith in the transactions.   


For maintaining transparency, when a merchant uploads an item on GoldCityMall®, they only have control on the making charges of the jewellery while the gold pricing is controlled by GoldCityMall® - assisted by live/real-time gold transparent pricing.   


So, now is your chance to indulge in some shimmering gold jewellery today without paying a penny more than the actual pricing. Visit, browse from thousands of designs and shop some fine gold jewellery at live gold rate today.   

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